Cement Your Relationship By Making Your Wedding the Event of the Decade!

Cement Your Relationship By Making Your Wedding the Event of the Decade!

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Your wedding is an important day in your life, and it’s essential that you do what you can to make sure it’s a memorable one. There are so many things in life that matter, but few matter as much as your wedding. To cement your relationship and devote yourselves completely to one another, you need to tie the knot. This is an exciting time and one you should cherish forever.

Now, if you are serious about making your wedding the event of the decade, you’re going to need some pointers! Planning a wedding is a tough ask, and you have to make sure you are fully prepared for everything that comes with it. There are a lot of excellent ways you can make your wedding unforgettable, and here are a few of them.

Get the Venue Right

The most important decision to make early on is to make sure you get the venue right as best you can. This is a big decision that is going to play a massive role in the way the rest of the wedding unfolds. You have got to be sure you have chosen the perfect wedding venue, and that you scope it out beforehand as well. There is so much involved in the process that it is difficult to know whether a venue is going to be just right, but you can get a good idea about it, and this is often enough.

Band or DJ? How About Band AND DJ?!

Most weddings have a band or a DJ to choose from, but you could go a step closer and choose both! How great would it be to see your wedding guests rocking to both a band and a DJ?! This is an excellent way of making the night more memorable and ensuring there is a steady stream of amazing music that you can enjoy. Sure, it might cost you a bit more to hire both, but it will be well worth it in the end, and you will ensure you get your money’s worth with the unforgettable experience.

Have Plenty of Food

Food is a massive part of any wedding, and the way to make your wedding the best is to ensure you have a limitless supply. Well, this might not be exactly possible, but you can definitely make sure there is a lot of food to choose from. In this regard, it might actually be better to go with a buffet style rather than have set menus to select from. That way people can have what they want when they want, and you won’t risk your guests going hungry.

Free Bar

Yes, a free bar can be a pricey proposition, but you also need to understand that there are many advantages. People will be making merry much more, and having the time of their lives if you present them with a free bar. In fact, some venues work this into the price of the wedding package, and you might actually be able to get a pretty good deal on it. A free bar is sure to make your wedding the talk of the town, and don’t forget it!


Now, another great way of adding excitement to the wedding is to come up with some great activities. You could have an open-air photo booth to capture some of those amazing memories, you might decide to have a bouncy castle, or you could choose to have some sporting activities. Basically, anything you can do to help make things better and improve the reputation of the wedding would be ideal.

No Kids

Don’t shoot! It might sound a little harsh to begin with, but it’s actually for the best to have a no kids policy. Sure, direct family can bring their kids, but regular guests should be leaving theirs at home. This might be a deal breaker for some guests, and that’s a shame, but you also need to understand that this creates a better adult environment. Parents have plenty of time to make plans for their kids, and this gives them a good chance to relax, unwind, and just enjoy themselves.

These are just a few of the wicked and wonderful ways you can create a memorable wedding. There are so many things you need to consider when it comes to your wedding planning, but it is so important that you take the time to perfect this as much as you can. Remember, this is your day, so you can pretty much do what you like, within the constraints of the budget. Get creative and add your own personality to the day with these amazing ideas.


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