Fun Activities To Entertain Your Guests For A Wedding

Fun Activities To Entertain Your Guests For A Wedding

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After the church ceremony of a wedding, the most important thing thereafter becomes the level of entertainment for the guests. Now that the tears have been shed after the bride and groom have exchanges vows, it’s now time for smiles and laughter. The after party is going to be one of the most memorable things of the entire day. The food should be something that your guests never forget. The music should get people off their seats and dancing like nobody’s watching. But more than that, there should be fun activities for the guests to do. How long can you rely on just great food and dancing before it gets a bit too mundane? Yet what kinds of thing fun things would be appropriate at a wedding and not take away the limelight from the earlier proceedings?

Have a surprise ready

Of all the days you can surprise people, a wedding day is one that qualifies the most. It’s a time for celebration and fun, so maybe you should book a surprise dancer or group of dancers? They can teach exotic dances to the guests, such as the samba or perhaps a fiery salsa dance routine. Anyone can join in as it’s an open class. It will get some people out of their shell and onto the dance floor, allowing others too to follow in their lead. Who knows, you might end up with the top 10 dancers at the wedding, performing the whole routine by the end of the night. Plenty of people will want to take footage and pictures of that!

A little finer tasting

Before things get too much into the swing of things, you should bring out a tasting session of some of the best wines and whiskeys in the country. There can be small groups all around the event hall, taking sips of different beverages. You should rotate everyone so no one misses out on the different kinds of drinks you’ll be hosting. Some people might like an exotic wine and others might like a good old full blooded single malt whiskey instead.

A lot of posing

No doubt that for a wedding, most people hire a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of the guests and couple. However much of this is candid and just generally taking pictures of what went on, sometimes without people knowing they are in shot. With Your Party Booth, you allow people to bring out their personality and pose with different props however they wish. It gets people to come together and have a bit of silly fun, letting their hair down in the process. You never know, you might just end taking some of the best pictures of the entire day in the booth rather than with a professional camera.

There are many fun activities to entertain your guests with, but some better than others. Think outside the box and do something creative such as a fine alcohol taste test that rotates your guests around so wine and whiskey are tasted alike. Have at least one surprise waiting for guests such as a flash rumba or salsa dance class.


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