Gifts for Your Groom

Gifts for Your Groom

When it comes to planning a wedding, there is an awful lot to consider. You’ll want to get the venue right, chose the right menu, pick the right people to help you and find those perfect outfits to make your day special. You’ll need to get all of your timings right, spend time preparing your guest lists and sending invites and find the right entertainment to compliment your day. It can take literally years to plan the perfect wedding.

Another thing on your to-do list might be gifts. First, there are the favours for the guests. Then, you might want to get special gifts for those people that are helping to make your dream day become a reality, such as your parents, bridesmaids, best man and groomsman. Some couples also choose to buy each other gifts.

While this isn’t an essential part of a wedding, it can be nice. Whether you leave your gift somewhere to be found the morning before the wedding, or you take a little time away from everything to exchange presents later on in the day, it can be lovely to do something that isn’t for your audience, but it just a small gift between the two of you. Your romance is after all what this whole day is about. Here’s a look at some of the perfect gifts for your groom on your big day.


Many brides spend a long time finding the perfect fragrance for their wedding day. Something romantic, but sexy. That suits them and compliments their outfit and style. Grooms often just revert to their old favourite. Why not buy him something new to help him feel his best as he waits for you at the end of the aisle?


When it comes to clothes, it can be tricky. You’ve probably both spent a long time working on your wedding outfits, so he might not need anything to wear on the day. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t either get him something small, like pants and socks, that only you and he will know about. Or, a nice shirt from the John Henric UK collection, to wear as you leave for your honeymoon, or for a special meal in the days following your wedding.

An Experience

Your gift doesn’t need to be something physical. You could buy an experience day for you both to share, on your honeymoon or even thinking ahead for your first anniversary. Think about something that neither have you have done before but would like to try together. It could be a class or a day trying something totally new. Just make sure that you can do it together.


Slippers are a great gift for your groom. They are practical and warm, but also a fun way to symbolise his settling down into married life. Why not get yourself a matching pair or go the whole hog and get pyjamas too?

A Digital Photo Frame

You are bound to have plenty of photos from your big day, and a digital frame is a great way to display some of them as soon as possible.


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