Glorious Guests: How to Show Them Appreciation on Your Wedding Day

Glorious Guests: How to Show Them Appreciation on Your Wedding Day

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When it comes down to it, your wedding is all about the love between you and your partner. However there’s nothing quite as special as having the people you care about share it all with you, and there are a few ways you can show your appreciation for them on the day. Here are some ideas!


Provide transport

If your ceremony and reception are at two different venues, one way you can make life easier for guests is to provide transportation. Some guests might have arrived using public transport so it saves them having to fork out more money getting to two locations- especially if they’re not especially close to each other. You could hire some taxis, some cars or even a wedding bus! Either way, they have peace of mind that they can get from the church to the reception without a lot of hassle or cost to them. Chances are they’ve already travelled a way to get to the church.

Free drinks

You might not be able to afford a completely free bar, but you could always offer their first drink free. Alternatively you could buy vintage champagne from Oddbins for guests to toast with, or if your venue allows you to bring your own alcohol you could buy a few bottles of wine for each table. Again it helps to keep costs down for your guests. There are lots of ideas on places like Pinterest for things like cocktail stations or mixing premade drinks in mason jars- come up with something that will suit your wedding theme.

Personal favours

This doesn’t mean a personal gift for every person attending- depending on the number of guests you have coming this could be a massive task! However you could customise it a little, giving different favours for men, women and children. Favours are a nice way to thank your guests for coming, after all, most weddings come at a significant cost to guests. They have to make the time, think of travel and associated costs, buy a new outfit and a gift for you. So a wedding favour is a great way just to show that you’ve thought of them and the effort they’ve gone to.

Gifts for bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will have been your rock during the wedding planning process. Chances are they’ve helped you choose your dress, they’ve helped you to set things up, they’ve provided advice and been a shoulder to cry on. They’ve stood up there with you while you married the love of your life and generally been there for you. So providing them with a little gift to say thank you can be really meaningful. This could be anything from a piece of jewellery to a small token present depending on your budget. You could invest in personalised dressing gowns for you all to get ready in on the day of your wedding which they’re able to keep. Or go with something else entirely. Either way, it’s a nice touch.



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