HAX Glitter Lip Kit Review

HAX Glitter Lip Kit Review

Cut crease, metallic lips, a hint of glitter… These trends all look great on Instagram or Pinterest, but so tough to recreate at home. You can try all the YouTube tutorials you want but you still can’t get there. Until now.


Allow me to introduce HAX, now available at ASOS. HAX, as the clever name suggests, make easy-to-use kits designed to help you recreate the latest beauty trends in just a few simple steps. I was lucky to be sent the HAX Glitter Lip Kit, which is ideal for a glamorous night out or for festival season. Is it easy to use? Read on and find out…

Oh, wait – before you do. I must apologise for the poor quality of the photos. Taking high photos of myself is harder than I thought. OH might need to be roped in next time…

HAX Glitter Lip Kit – First impressions

I’m a sucker for sleek packaging, anything matte and black really floats my boat (see my MAC/NARS collection for reference!). The HAX kits come in a small, sexy box packed with everything you need to create your iconic look of choice.

I must admit, I was surprised that the box contained just four items. FOUR ITEMS? Was that really all it was going to take to create that Instagram-worthy glitter pout? HAX seemed to think so and I was at their mercy.


Armed with the four products (a lip colour, glitter pot, applicator and lip gloss to seal), plus the instructions – I set out to create the look. With nowhere really to be on a Sunday afternoon, it felt like a bit of a waste – but it’s always better to try these things at home before being let loose in the real world.


Let’s start with the lip colour. Not too shiny, not too matte – it was a great base colour for what looked like an interesting product. I didn’t love the applicator – a bit to wide for my liking, so you might want to use a lip brush of your own to help you create the perfect shape. I did however, love the colour! I could easily have worn it on its own.


Next comes the glitter. You take the spongey applicator and dip in the glitter, then apply to the lips before they dry. I got distracted between step 1 and 2 and the lip base was still wet enough to apply the glitter, so there’s plenty of time to go change the track you’re listening to or send a text. The applicator is wide, and past glitter lip experience had taught me that working from the inside out was best to ensure an even application and to minimise problems. The glitter was a rose gold/pink shade – perfect for me! It looked great on top of the base colour and had created an almost matte effect.

Next, you’re instructed to apply the lip gloss to seal the colour, and then apply layers of glitter and gloss until you’re happy. I loved the effect after the first coat but decided to add a second anyway. It was at this point I realised I had gotten some on my teeth, so I’d recommend blotting between layers – nobody wants glittery teeth!


While I wasn’t a fan of either applicator (I like the wand as thin as possible), it was quite easy to create the finished look. I never felt like I had got the glitter in places where it shouldn’t be and I knew that with some more practice, the results would be amazing.

The look lasted as I drunk a cup of tea and a pint of water, so I’d wager the wear is pretty good – it’s not really something you want to keep applying on a night out. Provided you seal things carefully with the gloss, you should have a long-lasting, cool glitter look.

Final thoughts

“Glitter lips, nah not for me,” you might be thinking. But actually, this is definitely a look I’d wear again. The look wasn’t too out there – in fact, it looked very much like some of the MAC Retromatte Metallics lip colours, but with some better quality sparkle. I loved the effect and didn’t feel like I needed a particularly special occasion to wear it, and I’ll certainly use it again!


The HAX glitter lip kit is £17.99 on ASOS, while the other kits in the collection range from £14.99 – £19.99, and with high-quality finishes, it’s not a big ask versus what you’d pay for singular products. Whether you try them to boost your skills or, like me, you just want an easy-to-use kit – this is perfect.


Add them to your festival / holiday / night out wishlist now, I promise you it’s worth it.



Disclaimer: Products sent as a PR sample. The opinions and observations I make are entirely my own and reflect my honest opinion.



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