How To Get The Most Out Of Topcashback

How To Get The Most Out Of Topcashback

I’ve been peddling Topcashback for a while now. I’ve been a member for several years and to date have made over £800 from it. By the end of the year I’ll have likely made £1,000. Whether you want to save money or just get something for nothing, I’m going to show you how to get the most out of Topcashback.

I’ll note here that this isn’t a sponsored post and Topcashback aren’t paying me at all for this. I might get some money if some of you sign up as a result of this post, but the main purpose is to share information and stop you missing out on something that could be making you some spare change.

What is Topcashback?

Topcashback is a website which you shop through to make extra money online. Think of it as a department store or an airport terminal. The shops and products are exactly the same, you’re just using a different gate to enter them.

Every time you make a purchase through Topcashback, you’re given a certain percentage back, which is put through a tracking process. Once your purchase has been confirmed, your money will appear in your ‘Payable’ earnings, which is yours to do with as you please. Easy.

What’s the catch?

Quite simply, there isn’t one. The deals are made behind the scenes between Topcashback and the retailers, think of it as advertising or signposting. It doesn’t affect your shopping experience and you will still pay the same price. It should be noted that your payout won’t be instant, but as you build up the money, you’ll soon have a steady stream of payable income.

How to use Topcashback

Take a look at my little step by step guide for using Topcashback.

  1. Go to
  2. In the ‘Search’ box, enter the store you want to shop at.
  3. Select the retailer from the list.
  4. Click the appropriate cashback deal
  5. A new window will open taking you to your chosen store and you just shop as normal.
  6. Complete your purchase and wait patiently for the money to come in.

It’s really that simple. You can even install a Google Chrome plug in to help you spot a website that offers Topcashback whenever you land on t.

Making money on Topcashback

Some of the ways you can make money using Topcashback include:

  • Using it for your regular online shopping. Percentages may seem low, but 1% on a £100 ASOS spend or 10% back at Debenhams soon adds up, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly it does.
  • Anytime you’re purchasing insurance, flights, a mobile phone contract, Sky or broadband package, etc, go through Topcashback. These are the BIG MONEY tickets which can pay £100s in cashback in one hit. You could get an extra £93 on a new Apple phone contract with EE. Just for clicking a few extra buttons!
  • Take advantage of some of the free cashback offers. Many of these come from free trials or completing a quotation search, so you can build your cashback amount up quickly without having to shop.
  • Refer friends! Each referral you make can give you anything from £5 to £20 so make sure you share the love for an instant boost.

Stretch your money further on Topcashback

Once you’ve got a decent payout amount, you’re probably thinking you should just choose to send it straight to your bank account, right? Wrong. The beauty of Topcashback is that the money you’ve earned can be grown even more to help you get even more value from your efforts.

You could exchange for air miles, which is great for travellers, or if you like to shop – convert it into gift vouchers. When you choose these methods, Topcashback will ‘top-up’ your earnings, giving you as much as 20% extra for exchanging for a voucher.

My personal preference is to use them to convert into Zeek vouchers. Zeek is a website that sells unwanted giftcards, at a discounted price than what they’re worth. So, you could buy a £25 Topshop voucher for £20 or maybe just save £2 on a £100 John Lewis voucher. The savings might seem small, but when you think that a £50 gift card for somewhere might have only cost you £40 using Topcashback, it’s a pretty good deal. You can use gift cards with discount codes, so your savings could be even bigger.

The important thing to note about Topcashback is to persevere. Yes, it can take a while for your first claim to come in, but it WILL come in. I’ve currently got £69 pending, and £40 cashed in my Zeek account ready to be spent. With Christmas coming up, it can be a good little money saver.

If you’re always looking for ways to save money, then this is an easy win. It doesn’t cost anything, is easy to do and you can use it for treats or anything else that takes your fancy. I’ve used it to help buy designer goods and much more, what will you spend yours on?

If you use my referral link, you can get started with your registration. Yes, I’ll make money from it, but so will you when you share yours. With my Zeek referral, you get £5 off your first card purchase, which is already a great saving on whatever you’re going to buy.

Please ask any questions you might have about Topcashback, I’ll be more than happy to help! Happy cashback earning peeps!


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