MAC Influencer Collaborations Review: Fleur de Force and Alessandra Steinherr

MAC Influencer Collaborations Review: Fleur de Force and Alessandra Steinherr

If someone came to me one day and said “Siân, we’d like you to have your own MAC lipstick”, I would be hysterical. I probably wouldn’t be able to speak for a week – a long time if you’ve ever been in my usually endless chatter company. When I heard that Fleur de Force, the ultimate YouTube beauty guru, and Alessandra Steinherr, the stylish and gorgeous editor of Glamour UK, were getting their own MAC lippies, I wasn’t jealous at all (well, maybe just a bit) – I was super excited for them. What an amazing achievement in the world of beauty. I was already counting the days until I could get my hands on them!


The social media reveals teased colours and formulas before the girls eventually revealed the final products. Quite similar in the fact that they’re neutral shades, they are actually quite different.


Fleur has chosen a lovely nude for her shade in a soft and silky Creamsheen formula which still packs a lot of pigment. It’s a shade that’s very similar to my lip colour, but better. It’s very nourishing and perfect for both day and night wear. I can see me using a lot of it but as it’s limited edition, I’ll have to curb it! I probably now have every shade of nude on the MAC spectrum, and this is one of my favourites to date!



Alessandra’s lipstick is more of a dusky pink shade – still very close to lip colour but has a very soft finish too – I’m wearing it at the moment and it’s so hydrating. It’s a classic shade which I love for all sorts of looks and it’s had good wear already in the couple of weeks I’ve had it. It’s a Lustre finish which looks like a gloss, so it’s a good one to have in your collection (it’s still available at MAC online at the time of writing). I use it with Subculture liner for a perfect pout. I’ll wear it a lot over the summer as it’s non-drying and won’t stick to my hair like a gloss would!


I’m so glad I picked up these two shades. I’m a sucker for limited edition anyway but even more so when it’s a really good collection. Did you manage to get your hands on these? Are they your type of colours?





  1. May 31, 2017 / 9:33 pm

    These are such gorgeous shades! I haven’t bought a MAC lipstick in so long now as I’ve been obsessing over liquid lipsticks for quite awhile. But MAC never disappoint! I’m also loving your photography in this post!

    Ellie x

    • Siân Catrin
      June 1, 2017 / 5:50 pm

      Aw thanks so much Hun – tried to put more effort into these pics haha. I do love liquid lipsticks but I have a soft spot for a MAC! Xx

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