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I love summer. I always have. I prefer my skin to be sun-kissed than Snow White, I love denim shorts over layers and knitwear and I’d much rather drink a jug (yes a jug) of Pimms over hot chocolate. I’m therefore super duper excited that we’re halfway through May and getting ready to welcome in summer.

Summer is a great time for your skin. That vitamin D boost can work wonders and a bit of colour on your face can help even out your skin tone and lessen your need to cake yourself in foundation (a bad look at any time of year, FIY). In the interests of anti-ageing, I work hard to protect my face from UV rays, which is why I prefer to create a glowing summer face than tan my way into it. Creating that coveted summer glow is easier than you’d think, and I’m sharing my favourite products and tips to help you do it. 

1. A self-tanner will work wonders on your face

I despise fake tan – the smell of it and the horrible orange look it creates are one of my absolute beauty pet hates. I look back at old photos of me in it and cringe. Therefore I didn’t think I’d get on board with Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Glow Mask, but I did. It’s fantastic. You put it on a clean face before bed and wake up with a subtle hint of colour and incredible glow. Even when I’m shattered, this mask will hide it and work wonders. I’ve been using it every other week at the moment as I don’t need it every day so this generous bottle will last me for the summer. 

2. Forgo the foundation

Besides covering up any natural glow you have from the sun, foundation in the summer will make it hard for your skin to breathe, leaving you a sweaty, hot mess when the sun is at its peak. It’ll also clog your pores and lead to spots. In the summer, wean yourself off the foundation or at least try watering down the formula with moisturiser or an illuminating product. BB Creams and tinted foundations look so much better – and you can minimise any shine with a mineral powder.

3. Brighten your blush

The right blush for your summer skin is important, and in the summer, peach/coral tones are much kinder to skin than they are in winter and can help you look fresh and youthful. Avoid redder tones and neon pinks, these could make you look hot and bothered instead. Aim for a subtle wash of colour, blending it out if you’ve overdone it. A cream formula may be more suitable for creating a barely-there blush look.

4. Bronze (with caution)

Too many people apply bronzer like it’s their face powder, adding to that fake-tanned look which ruins otherwise beautiful makeup. Opt for a bronzer with a subtle hint of shimmer (I use MAC blush in Trace Gold) and apply to those areas which naturally catch the sun – your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. This look is far more flattering than going bronze all over and will make your face look slimmer too.

5. Goldeneyes

I like gold tones at any time of year, but especially in the summer! A subtle wash of gold/bronze is one of the simplest eye looks you can do and will set off the rest of your look. Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise in Marie Antoinette / MAC Pigment in Blonde’s Gold are PERFECT for this. If you want to build it up to create a stronger look, then use some gold tones shadows like those in the NARS Loaded palette. If you’re going to wear liner, keep it to the eyelid and apply plenty of mascara.

6. Highlight

I can’t resist a highlighter, and a touch on my cheekbones, forehead and tip of my nose is my perfect way to finish a sun-inspired look. My all-time favourite is MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle which gives the right amount of glow. If you find your highlighter overpowering, tone it down with some loose finishing powder which will mattify the shine without eliminating the glow.

7. Go bold with your lips

As your makeup is subtle and golden, you can play up your lips for the ultimate summer look. My favourite for summer is Sexy Sienna from Charlotte Tilbury and on my wishlist for my next MAC lipstick purchase is Lady Danger which I know will be the ultimate orange-red lip colour for the warmer months!


What are your favourite summer beauty products? Do you like a glowing, sun-kissed look?




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  1. May 17, 2017 / 9:40 pm

    Such great pointers. I never use tinted moisturiser but might give it a go. I agree with all of the other points though, I usually go more for subtle corals in summer for blush, my bronzer is more for a hint on my cheeks or contour (not an all over!) and I’m rekindling my liking for my Mac Soft & Gentle too ? Lovely post x

    • Siân Catrin
      May 17, 2017 / 10:11 pm

      Thank you so much for the lovely comments! Corals are great in summer for sure! Love Soft and Gentle, I’ve bought a few of the Extra Dimension skinfinishes over the last few months which are great too, but I think fit the definition of ‘strobing’ rather than highlighting! X

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