Sneak Peek: Spectrum x Mean Girls Collection

Sneak Peek: Spectrum x Mean Girls Collection

UPDATE! Spectrum x Mean Girls is now live! Buy the collection here:

Well hasn’t it been a while since I took the time to put out a little blog? Sorry lovelies. I’ve been super busy with a new job, new freelance work and wedding planning. Actually, the last one’s a lie – I’ve been too busy for that too, sigh. Anyhoos, I thought the first one back needed to be something quite epic, and what’s more epic than the Spectrum x Mean Girls collection? Did I say epic, I meant FETCH!

So grool…

I’ve known about the Spectrum x Mean Girls for a while, and it’s a long time to be excited about something (know how to keep us waiting eh girls?) and it was super exciting when the girls told us about their launch plans and invited us to the party. With a pink dress code (obviously, it was Wednesday) and the promise of a fabulous evening at the IceTank in Covent Garden, me and the girls have been looking forward to this for ages. The girls delivered on their promise – it was an epic night filled with cool moms, a bit of Kevin G and lots of soaking up each other’s awesomeness. Thanks again my beautiful Spectrum beauties, it was so much fun.

The collection

One unexpected highlight of the evening was the addition of the 10-piece brush set to the goody bags, which won’t be available to buy until the 30TH OF AUGUST – and it’s a date you’ll want to put in the diary. You can buy the 10-piece set with a mini burn book for £79.99 or the 10-piece set on its own for £49.99. 

The brushes are a pink and purple gradient (love a gradient at the moment), with soft bristles and best of all, a classic line from the film along the handle. They’re the usual high-quality brush that you expect from Spectrum and the vibrant colour makes a nice new addition to my growing brush collection. If you love pink/love Mean Girls/love brushes – you’ll love having these on your dresser.

I have the 12-piece Black Marbleous Set already with many of the same brushes, plus some singles, so I can give a good lowdown of how to use each one, without having to get these dirty before I’m ready! Let’s take a closer look at the brushes themselves:

Brush Up – A01 (You Can Walk Home Bitches)

Everyone needs a good powder brush and this one is a nice all-rounder. I love using it to apply my bronzer as it gives a light touch to stop you going full-tango. Apply it in layers to deepen the colour.

Blush Crush – A05 (You’re Like Really Pretty)

This angled brush is perfect for creating super sharp cheekbones. You can really build up the coverage here if you want to to really carve out your cheeks. I use it to apply my contour shade under my cheekbones and to the sides of my forehead when I’m trying to slim my face.

Full of Colour – A07 (That’s So Fetch)

Yes, this brush is fetch! It’s a bit of a secret weapon for loose pigments and eyeshadows, or eyeshadows that tend to kick up in the pan. It really lets you apply the colour tightly to the eyelid to build a strong finish without spilling it all over your face – always a win!

Feeling Fancy – A10 (Grool)

Need a bit of glow? This beauty has you covered – perfect for subtle highlight using a powder. I love to use this for a ‘day’ highlight.

Cut Crease Police – A16 (Boo You Whore)


Cut creases are all the rage, and I love doing them myself. It can be difficult without the right brush, but luckily, there’s no problem with this one! It’s tightly packed so it applies the colour well, and you can use with creams too. I also like to use it under my eyes too to apply shadow under there.

The Deets – A17 (She’s A Life Ruiner)

This brush definitely doesn’t ruin lives. There’s nothing worse than bad brows and I use this every day on mine to give them gloriously defined angles. It’s packed tighter than any other brow brush I’ve tried so it’s great for applying brow gels with precision. Give it a go!

Luxe Highlight – A21 (You Can’t Sit With Us)

This is one of my favourite brushes – it’s fantastic for applying a bolder highlight and for highlighting details like your nose, chin and cupid’s bow.

In The Buff – B01 (She Doesn’t Even Go Here)

Such a great line! I use this to buff contouring products and powder into my skin to give it a lasting finish. you can use with a liquid too if you like to stipple product on.

Blending Friend – B06 (You Go Glen Coco)

Everyone needs a good eyeshadow blending brush. Blending your eyeshadow is important for that professional, seamless look and this brush is perfect for helping you get it. You go Glen Coco!

#No1 Fan – C01 (On Wednesday We Wear Pink)

Fan brushes are amazing, especially when they’re supersized, This great fan brush is the ultimate weapon for a killer highlight, so make sure you glow get ’em. 


And there you have it! Are you excited yet? Make sure you join the Plastics and get your Spectrum x Mean Girls brushes when they drop on the 30th of August. You’d better be one of them biatch!




  1. July 29, 2017 / 10:50 am

    I am literally drooling over these bad boys! I mean HOW pretty are they seriously?! And Spectrum brushes are already my all time fave, I use them every single day and for everything! I need a 10 piece set with a burn book in my life. The B01 is my absolute fave to use for foundation, it works like a dream! This is such a fab post Sian, I love your photos too!

    Ellie x

    • Siân Catrin
      July 29, 2017 / 12:11 pm

      Aw thanks so much hunny! I can’t wait for the book to come out as well! Really excited! Xx

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