7 Ways To Make Sure Nobody Gets Bored At Your Wedding

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There’s nothing worse than worrying about people getting bored at your wedding. You want your wedding to be a fun day for everybody – and you’re bound to have more fun when your family and friends are having fun. 

Below, you’ll find 7 ways you can make sure nobody gets bored at your wedding. Take a look and see what you can do:

  1. Keep Speeches Short

Not everybody is a professional speech writer. Some speeches may be humorous, others cringey – and others a pain to sit through. When you ask everybody who would like to make a speech to keep it to just a few minutes long, everybody will be able to get through them painlessly and get to the food. 

  1. Get Creative With Your Entertainment 

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to your entertainment. You could hire a jazz band, or even dancing wait staff to surprise everybody. Picture Blast photo booth hire is also nearly always a good idea, as it’ll get people in the party spirit and give them some great souvenirs to take home. 


  1. Do Your Best To Make Introductions

If people at your wedding don’t know one another, then do your best to make introductions. Introducing people you think will get along or have something in common could go a long way to keeping the party going. 

  1. Be Smart With Your Seating Plan

When thinking up your seating plan, try to do it strategically. It’s a good idea to put people who all get along together, and avoid putting people on tables when they don’t know one another. This may be unavoidable at times, so you should try to consider the personalities and whether they will likely get along. 

  1. Organize Surprises

Surprise your guests in creative ways – for example, set up a creative drinks station such as a DIY hot chocolate bar, or a make your own cocktail bar. You could also give party favors that your guests will really use, such as flip flops to help aching feet at the end of the night. It might get done a lot now, but choreographing a fun dance is also a nice idea that should make everybody smile! 

  1. Don’t Take Yourselves Too Seriously 

Inject humour into your big day and make sure you’re not taking yourselves too seriously. When you can have fun and relax, your guests are much more likely to follow suit. 

  1. Don’t Let Your Guests Go Hungry 

Make sure you don’t let your guests go hungry or thirsty. Have snacks and drinks before the ceremony, and have little bar options available throughout the night, even after the main meals. This will ensure everybody is full of energy and raring to party all night long. You could even get creative and serve mini versions of classic dishes, such as fish and chips. 

How will you make sure your guests have a wonderful time on your big day – no yawns in sight? Leave a comment below! 


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