Beauty on a Budget: The Secrets You Need to Know

Beauty on a Budget: The Secrets You Need to Know

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A love of makeup, perfume, other cosmetics and nice clothes can be costly. You might look at the rich and famous with envy. Knowing that you couldn’t afford anything close to their skincare routine. You might read blogs like this one and wonder how you are going to afford the beauty regime that you want. The one that will help you to look fantastic feel confident and beautiful and keep your skin healthy and bright.

The truth, however, is that looking and feeling beautiful doesn’t have to be expensive. While these little potions and lotions can be worth every penny, if they make you feel wonderful, they certainly aren’t worth getting yourself into financial trouble for. If money is tight and you’ve found yourself looking at secured instalment loans, you certainly don’t want to make things worse by buying designer brand makeup and skincare products.

Fortunately, you don’t need to. With the right routine and the right products, you can look at feel fantastic on a budget. Here are the secrets that you need to know.

Eat Well and Drink Lots of Water

When it comes to beauty on a budget, the best thing that you can do is take care of yourself. If you are always eating greasy, fatty foods and drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks, your face will be bloated and puffy. Your skin will be oily. You’ll have spots and blackheads, and your confidence will suffer. You might feel as though you need layers and layers of makeup just to cover up your spots and blemishes.

This doesn’t just cost you more. Over time, it makes your skin worse. Your pores will become clogged, your greasy, oily skin will encourage the growth of bacteria when mixed with makeup, and your face won’t ever get a chance to breathe.

So, instead of covering up, work with what you’ve got. Cut fatty foods and sugar. Instead, eat healthy meals and snacks and make sure that you are drinking at least 2 litres of water a day. This will help to keep your skin bright and healthy, get rid of any oiliness and give you a more youthful and natural appearance. You won’t feel the need to wear as much makeup, and you’ll feel more confident without it.

Exercise and Get Outdoors

Exercise and fresh air is another great way to boost both your confidence and your skin tone. Exercising more will increase your confidence and help you to maintain a healthy weight. It will also boost your circulation, helping your skin to heal and giving you a natural rosy glow. Fresh air does the same.

Getting a good workout at the gym a few times a week, focusing on both cardio and strength training is fantastic. But, whether you are doing this or not, focus on spending more time outdoors, moving. Even if you just start walking to work instead of driving, it will make a noticeable difference to your weight, your fitness levels and to the appearance of your skin.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is like a miracle worker when it comes to your beauty routine. Getting a good night’s sleep helps your body to recover from the previous day. It gives it a chance to rest and refresh itself. Fail to get enough sleep regularly, and you’ll feel tired and sluggish, you may struggle with your weight and find that you succumb to illnesses much faster, and you’ll always look tired and drawn. Your skin will become waxy and pale, your face sunken and your eyes framed by dark circles.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you can feel like piling on the concealer and wearing more eyeliner and bright makeup just to make yourself look alert and refreshed. Get plenty of sleep every night, and you might not feel as though you need as much. Making your makeup products last longer.

Stand Tall and Smile

Take a look at yourself in a full-length mirror. If you are slouched or slumped with your head jutting forward, you might look tired, older than you are and overweight. Walking around like this can affect your confidence and your mood as well as how other people see you.

Now, stand tall. Hold your head up high, avoid looking at the floor. Tuck your bum in, pull your shoulders back and down away from your ears and suck your belly in. If you’ve had poor posture for a long time, this may feel uncomfortable at first, but holding the position, correcting your posture throughout the day and practising core and back strengthening exercises such as Pilates can quickly help. Standing tall and putting a smile on your face is one of the best, natural ways to make you look younger and stronger. Slimmer and fitter, and more attractive and confident.


Do you spend a fortune on getting your nails done? Or on regular haircuts and salon colouring? Do you pay to have your legs waxed or your makeup done before a night out? These things are great. But, ask yourself if you could be doing any of them yourself?

Could you give your hair a trim, or colour it yourself? Could you paint your own nails? When it comes to beauty on a budget, it’s often about prioritising. Save on those things that you could do yourself, and spend on the products that you just can’t be without.

Shop for Your Skin Type

Another secret to beauty on a budget is making sure everything that you spend is worth it. Sometimes, more expensive products can be more cost-effective. Paying a little more on a foundation that suits your skin type and matches your tone can mean that a little goes a lot further and that you don’t need as many other products.

Stock up on Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those products with countless uses. It can be a deep conditioner for your hair. It can be a moisturiser or a shaving cream. It can even be a gentle and softening makeup remover. But, don’t shell out on expensive coconut oil infused beauty products. Head to your local supermarket and get a jar of cooking coconut oil. Softened, it works exactly the same.

Try Some Dupes

Some dupes are a waste of money. They are cheap, they don’t work well, and they don’t always smell as nice as the more expensive originals. Others are great. Aldi products tend to be quite good, but read reviews and shop around for the dupes that you love.


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