A Culinary Marriage Made In Heaven: Have A Delicious Wedding

A Culinary Marriage Made In Heaven: Have A Delicious Wedding

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If you’re in the midst of planning your big day (congratulations); you might be feeling the stress and strain of the situation as there seems to be so much to organise and book. However, as long as you have your trusty wedding plan, a few lists that you can tick off, and your partner in crime; there’s no reason your special day won’t go without a single hitch.

Something that many people look forward to at a wedding, aside from watching the vows you’ll make, is the food. If you want everyone to sit through the speeches with a smile and dance the night away until the early hours; you’ll need to feed them.

If you’ve picked your venue and it comes with the set menu of your choice, great; that’s one huge thing that you can tick off your list. However, you’ll need to think of all the other edible elements of your big day so that nobody goes hungry at 10pm, and is found ordering in pizza. Therefore, it’s worth thinking about the day and night as a whole, and carefully mapping out the food throughout. Think about how you like to eat at weddings, or throughput a busy day that will be a mixture of sitting down, mingling, and hitting the dancefloor, and go from there. The following are some ideas and inspiration for the betrothed to be regarding the food and cuisine that they’ll serve at their wedding.

The Celebration Cake

The moment where you come to cut the cake usually arrives sometime after everyone has finished their meal; this makes it the perfect chance to give everyone some more sustenance to keep them going. There are an array of options regarding what cake you serve at your wedding, so you’ll be able to choose something that suits you and your other half, and that will please the majority of your guests. For something a little different to the normal baked and iced delights; you could think about cheese wedding cakes; these also give you the chance to provide crackers, bread, and chutneys in a buffet-style setting so that your guests can keep going up to help themselves. Cupcakes or muffins are another way to encourage your wedding guests to get up and grab something tasty to keep them dancing, and are perfect for couples with a sweet tooth.

Edible Favours

Another way to provide something tasty to nibble on is to ensure that your wedding favours are of the edible kind. Some people will take these home to enjoy the following day, but you’ll find that a majority of people will eat them at some point later on in the evening when they are peckish. Edible wedding favours allow you to create or invest in something aesthetically pleasing that will complement your theme too. You can check out some ideas here and start considering how you can create your own, or where you’ll need to head to get what you want. Bear in mind that well-fed guests are always happy, so make your wedding food a priority and start planning as soon as you can.

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