Getting Organised For One Of The Biggest Days Of Your Life

Getting Organised For One Of The Biggest Days Of Your Life

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When the person you love finally pops the question, it can make you feel all kinds of amazing. That tingly feeling as a the ring you instantly fall in love with slides along your finger you might find yourself overwhelmed with emotion.

However, once that whole excitement has died down you find yourself thinking of all of the ways you can start to plan your wedding. But, the problem is that you can find your thoughts flitting from one thing to the next and not getting that much done.

To help you with your planning, here are some of the ways to get yourself organised, and hopefully from that point, your wedding planning journey can be smooth and plain sailing.

Start with thinking about the venue

One of the first areas to start with would be the wedding venue. This can really affect the rest of your decisions such as who you invite to your day, how many guests you have, where you hold the ceremony and the overall feel of the day. Take the time to browse the internet and really research different options. Don’t be Africa’s to see as many as it takes to make the right decisions. However, you will find that once you step foot in the right venue, you will know. The thoughts of where things will go and how your day will look will automatically flood your mind.

Book your photographer in advance

Photographers are one of the elements of your wedding that you won’t want to forget. You need to book them in advance as decent wedding photographers get booked up well in advance. However, the pictures are what you will look back on in years to come, and so it is important that you tick the documenting side of things off your wedding planning checklist.

Think of themes and what you want from your day

The theme of your day is important. Even if you want a traditional wedding with all of the elements that in itself is the theme of your day. Take some time to discuss with your partner the ideas you may have. Browse magazines and Pinterest, look online at real weddings that have been shared on websites and decide on how you want your day to look and feel. There are so many different trends to consider that you can really do what you like with your day. From a Disney theme to a fairytale you can make whatever you want happen.

Don’t be afraid to start the dress shopping

Finally, make sure you decide on the dress sooner rather than later. Many women like the idea of a certain style of dress and imagine that is what they will go for. But you have no idea what will suit your figure until you actually try on the dress and see for yourself. Get the appointments booked and start trying on different dresses and see for yourself. A dress may need to be ordered, and you may also want to research different ways of sourcing and buying it. You may even want to have your dress made. However, all of that takes time. So get in the dress shops and enjoy the process.


Hopefully starting with these different areas will help you on your wedding planning journey.



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