Feeling Your Most Comfortable As A Wedding Guest

Feeling Your Most Comfortable As A Wedding Guest

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You’ve finally received that wedding invitation you’ve been waiting for. Your friend is getting married and although you’re not a bridesmaid you are going to be sat close with the most important guests. You need to look and feel at your best and therefore you need to prepare. It’s going to be an emotional day and being too wound up about how you look isn’t going to help things. You’ll look more anxious in front of guests and the happy couple. But blending in and being just another face isn’t really something to get excited about either. So it’s almost as if you have to make an effort but not go too far over the top. After all it isn’t wedding and you don’t want to look too much like you’re trying to steal the show. But don’t worry, there are plenty of options and ways to make yourself be more comfortable at weddings.

Calm down, you’re a guest

You have been invited to attend the wedding of someone you know. Even though it can be common to want to impress the bride and groom, remember you are the guest. They want to give you the best experience they can so that you remember their brilliant day. So instead of feeling like you owe them something, have the attitude that they should be trying to accomodate you and your needs. Don’t be brash, be humble when you ask for such things. If you are a vegetarian and or a vegan and don’t’ want meat to be near you at the party, then just put in a request with one of the waiters. If you have some kind of injury or physical ailment you can request a cushion for your back or to be seated near a point of fresh air like a window or balcony table. You’re the guest, so don’t put yourself through a stressful ordeal trying to get comfortable.

Fitting into your desire

Dressing for everyday life isn’t too hard. The style choices are so varied that you can find anything that will fit you and compliment your shape. However for weddings, both men and women wear formal clothes. These clothes are more fitted or rather tapered to snugly fit the figure. If you’re self-conscious about the way you look because you are a more rubenesque woman, the consider these wedding guest dresses for larger ladies. A powder blue pixie coat goes well with weddings that have an ocean theme, such as at the beach. The pixie coat is stylish in almost any season, fits lower down the hips and doesn’t draw too much attention to the midsection. The length gives it body too and the sway of a feminine figure. A chiffon camisole is also a great choice because the ruffles keep the dress stylish while the lines are slightly more open for the larger figure.

Weddings are a formal affair and thus the dress sense is to be more fitted and figure-hugging. Don’t worry though because new styles are cropping up to service the larger women who want to look beautiful but not draw too much attention to their shapes.


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