Planning The Perfect Wedding Reception

Planning The Perfect Wedding Reception

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You don’t just want your wedding reception to be good fun’ you want it to be amazing; you want your guests to be wowed by the level of effort that you’ve gone to, and you want to create brilliant memories that you really will cherish forever.

That means you’re going to have to step up your game, do things a bit differently, and to use a well-worn phrase, step outside the box, but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with a few suggestions that will give you an idea of what is possible when you want to bring the wow factor to your wedding reception…

Switch Up Your Seating Assignments

A very simple way to add the wow factor to your wedding reception from the very start is by doing something different with your seating assignments. Instead of the usual boring cards, create signature cocktails with the guests’ names on the glasses, use chalkboards or even mark your guests’ places with candid snaps of you and them together – it’ll get things off on the right note.

Hire a Better Class of DJ

If you’re having a DJ at your wedding (and why wouldn’t you), go big or go home. Hire someone like Benny Smyth DJ who not only has an eclectic collection and an intuitive idea of what guests are into but who is also a professional radio presenter who can really work a crowd? Once you’ve hired someone special, make sure that you and your betrothed have a talk with him or her about adding in some personal songs, some songs that your guests will recognise as callbacks to fun times you shared together and some songs that come straight out of leftfield – it’ll make things much more memorable.

Put on a Show

Most wedding receptions are all about good music, good food, good drinks and good company, which is all well and good, but not exactly imbued with the wow factor. If you want your wedding to be remembered by everyone and not because you got drunk and plunged into the venue’s fountain, you need to put on a show. Hire a band, set up a petting zoo, have a burlesque act – whatever you’re into, incorporate it into the big day and make it more than a glorified disco.

Set Up an Unexpected Snack Bar

Want to wow your guests, instead of going with just the usual reception food choices, as the night goes on, wheel out a snack bar that contains retro sweets, Mexican nachos, cupcakes, burgers or whatever it is you think your guests will most enjoy after an evening of partying and prosecco. They’ll totally love it.

Flowers and Foliage Galore

When it comes to decorating the reception venue, you might not think that using flowers is out of the ordinary and certainly not enough to bring the wow factor, but that’s probably because you’re thinking too small. If you think of big, totally over the top centrepieces made up of the most exotic blooms you can find, covered in glitter and smelling totally amazing, then you will see that they are the perfect form of decoration.

What did you do to give your wedding the wow factor?



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