Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Looking Your Best On Your Wedding Day

*This is a contributed post*

There are many circumstances in which one desires to look their best. The very top level of this is likely your wedding, where you hope to be the most beautiful version of yourself by far. What makes you beautiful is personal to you. It could be you have a symmetrical face, beautiful, glowing eyes, beautiful long hair or you simply have confidence in yourself (arguably the most important thing we’ve listed.) A guide to wedding beauty is always in the nature of a massively subjective offering of advice, as what works for you might not work for another.

However, there are many tips that can span universally for anyone hoping to get married. The wedding preparation requires to take a mindful approach to everything on your task list, so why not include your wedding beauty along with this?

If you hope to feel your best and look your best, the following methods might help you:


Remember, it’s not just yourself, your groom or bride, and the guests you hope to look beautiful for. You will likely be referring to these photos for some time in the future. It’s best that you feel confident when posing for them. How better to achieve this than to pull a radiant smile? A genuine smile is the most attractive feature of anyone’s face, so it pays to let it work for you.

Now, there’s no need to practice your smile in the mirror a thousand times beforehand, as genuine feelings mean the most when these pictures are taken. However, using a teeth whitening kit or even having some work done (if only you deem necessary) can ensure you beam ear to ear without self-consciousness and insecurity. After all, why spend so much effort looking your best and not cater to the little things? Sometimes, simply using strong whitening toothpaste and flossing can help you resolve issues, providing they are taken care of weeks before the big day.

With this taken care of, you can be sure that the pictures from your pocketfold wedding invitations, your centrepiece, your edible photograph on the wedding cake, and the pictures you leaf through for the next decades are all contributing to the same result – you feeling wonderful about yourself and your spouse.


Everyone’s hair is different. It might be fun to experiment to a degree! While you’ve likely already an idea of who you’d enjoy doing your hair on the big day, it doesn’t pay to have a completely new style attempted in the morning. A fresh color might look wonderful, but it’s best to have this done at least a few days prior.

Also, practice the hairstyle, and try to figure out how long it will take in the morning. It might be difficult to learn in the morning that your top braided knot doesn’t look as good as you thought it would, or that your hair isn’t thick enough to pull it off. Knowing this in advance can help you make more appropriate decisions. If using extensions, purchase at least one spare just in case you lose out or miss out on the product. If getting married on a Sunday, finding a specialist replacement could be difficult. Also, try to ‘play it safe’ to an extent. Experimenting with a new dye, or too many dyes this close to the event could potentially ruin your hair, and leave you in need of reparative work.

The goal of looking beautiful at a wedding isn’t to look like someone perfect or someone you’d like to, but the most gorgeous and radiant version of you. With the right people at your side, and the right wisdom, you’ll be blown away when you look in the mirror – and quite rightly!

*This is a contributed post*

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