Starting Your Mobile Beauty Business

Starting Your Mobile Beauty Business

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Every day, another individual sets their mind towards making a career of their passion within the beauty sector. Not only are we deeply invested in the area, but we also spend so much of our own money on beauty products, procedures, and treatments, that we know there’s money to be made in the area. What’s more? This money is regular, as customers aren’t buying a product that will serve its purpose for years to come. They are purchasing products that will be used daily and eventually run out. They are investing in hair removal or haircuts for hair that will inevitably grow back. They are having their nails painted with gels and polishes that will eventually chip, or acrylics put on that will need to be infilled and replaced. If you make a good impression on your client, you can count on their business time and time again, tiding you over from one month to another. However, it’s not surprising that numerous people have had this idea. To stand out from the competition, you need to make your beauty business unique. Give it a little something that makes it stand above the crowd. So why not consider a mobile beauty business? Here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Why a Mobile Beauty Business?

A mobile beauty business will take the treatments and products that buyers seek directly to them. Think how many times you’ve had to put off some sort of treatment because you can’t make it to the salon during its opening hours. If you work, nine to five and the beauty parlour is open nine to five, you don’t have much chance of making an appointment. A mobile beauty business makes your services more widely available and also draws in a wider potential client base. You can also say goodbye to the costs entailed with commercial property rental. No rent, no gas, electric or water bills, and no cleaning or maintenance costs. All you need is a reliable vehicle to get you and your equipment from A to B. If you don’t yet have a car, you can always consider a loan or finance plan to secure your vehicle. Don’t worry if you have a poor credit history; there are plenty of loans with poor credit in mind out there.

Choosing a Specialism

The more services you offer, the more you can offer your clients and the more cash you can make in one fell swoop when visiting a customer’s property. However, it’s good to focus on one area at a time as you build up your portfolio. Consider low-cost options to start with while you’re finding your feet. Threading is a great option to consider. All you need to invest in is the thread and a short training course. Then you can begin to build on this, beginning to offer eyebrow tinting, eyebrow waxing, and then even HD brows or microblading.

Setting up your own mobile beauty business is a completely viable way to make a profit and perhaps even sow the seeds of a new career. So try it out as soon as possible!

*This is a contributed post*

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