Wedding Worries? How To Make The Evening As Special As The Day

This is a contributed post.

Finally. The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived. It’s not just the months and months you’ve spent counting down until the big moment. It’s the years and years you spent as a little one pondering what will happen, who you will marry, and how it will feel. Naturally, a lot of your main attention has been on the service, because that’s when all of the stress and strain will quickly evaporate from you as those two beautiful words tie the knot forever. However, there needs to be a hefty bit of thought in the direction of the evening’s proceedings.

It’s wonderful to run through the union in your head over and over, but what about the fun that can be had for you, your partner and your guests later on? I’m sure every single person involved is thrilled for you two, and they’ll undoubtedly want to join in with the celebrations with a dance and a drink or two. You’ve probably thought about it a fair bit, but just in case you need a little extra help, here are a few simple things to think about.  


An obvious one, right? Making sure you have the right song for the first dance being of paramount importance! But also the guests are going to want to have a bop to all the toe-tappers and floor-fillers. There are lots of different websites that can help you find the right musicians, so if you are wondering how to choose a wedding dj or how to find the right band for you, the internet can point you in the right direction. There’s nothing wrong with good old word of mouth either, asking around could also find you the perfect performers that suit what you want.                                                                                                                                                             

Kids Entertainment

There will be kids interested in every facet of the wedding, but there will also be a bunch who just want to go off and play or don’t something completely different — having something like a magician or a kids play area wouldn’t hurt.

Food And Drinks!

Everybody likes nice food. So it’s probably a good idea to lay some of the good stuff out for the people to enjoy for when they need a break from partying! With the drinks, it’s nice to get a little merry with an abundance of alcohol, but also cater to those who don’t drink that stuff!


We’re talking things Mr And Mrs, Mad Libs and even musical chairs – silly games can be absolutely hilarious. Mr And Mrs game has, understandably, become a super popular one recently as it’s brilliant.     

Do Something Different And Personal

The last thought here is to remember that this is YOUR day and YOUR night. If you don’t want to follow the ordinary status quo and you’d like to do something away from the norm, it’s entirely possible and allowed! You may have a somewhat strange hobby or a passion that is so very different from what is expected – you may want to include it in the evening!  


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