3 Tips for Looking Your Best In Your Wedding Photos

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Our weddings are supposed to be some of the happiest moments of our lives, and if all goes well, they absolutely will be.

But, while a wedding is a joyful occasion, planning a wedding and doing your best to handle all the logistics involved, can be pretty stressful.

What’s more, we all naturally want to look our best on our wedding days, and in our wedding photos, and this can be a source of stress in and of itself.

Here are a few tips for looking your best in your wedding photos, without going insane in the process.

  1. Take your time to search for the right dress or suit – don’t act too hastily

A wedding dress, or suit, is obviously a major part of the entire experience – and shopping for the dress or suit is always going to be an exciting and slightly nerve-wracking process.

The thing is – if you want to look your best in your wedding photos, it’s important to avoid the urge to make an excited purchase too early in the process of dress or suit hunting.

The outfit you’re wearing on the day will play a major role in the way you appear in your photos, so it’s worth really drawing out the search, trying on multiple potential outfits, and getting the one that’s perfect for you.

It might be that you will find your ideal suit through McCann Bespoke, but that you won’t know it if you’re too hasty to make a purchase.

  1. Get enough rest before your wedding

So, this is obviously one of those suggestions that’s a good deal easier said than done – but if you want to look your best in your wedding photos, getting enough rest before your wedding should be a top priority.

When we are well rested, our skin glows, our moods and energy levels are lifted (and this generally shows in photos) and those dark rings around our eyes tend not to be so prominent.

Of course, it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that you’ll find it hard to sleep on the night before your wedding day. All the same, do your best.

  1. Don’t go on crash diets if you want to look slimmer in your wedding photos – rather, get on a balanced workout and nutrition program well in advance

Often, when people want to look their best in photographs – especially for major life events like weddings – one of the first things they will do is try to lose weight.

By no means, however, should you go on a crash diet just before your wedding, in order to “slim up.” Not only will this make you feel pretty terrible, but it will likely cause your body to go through a heightened stress response, and will therefore stop you from looking as good as you might otherwise.

Instead, if you want to be slimmer for your wedding photos, get on a balanced workout and nutrition program well in advance – ideally beginning around six months before your wedding.

Take things slow, and be reasonable. You’ll look better, and feel better, too.


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