Let’s Talk Wedding Makeup

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So you’ve got your dress all sorted, and now it’s time to think about your wedding makeup. This is your big day so feeling your absolute best is essential (and luckily this comes with every single beauty indulgence that you wish)! When it comes to wedding makeup looks, every bride will have a different idea of what she wants based on her personal makeup preferences, the style of her dress, or perhaps even her wedding theme.

Some brides will definitely want a glamorous makeup look, while others will want to go for something a little more natural. Then there are those of you who will be looking for a happy medium somewhere in between. The decision is yours to take a look around and see what takes your fancy. First things first, you will want to decide if you are going to do your wedding makeup yourself or hire someone to do it for you?

Yourself or a pro?

Many brides will prefer to do their wedding makeup by themselves because these women have a strong sense of what they like (and are perhaps pretty makeup savvy after all those you-tube vids about contouring)! On the other hand, you could find an amazing professional makeup artist to do the hard work for you. Going professional will mean that you will simply have to communicate the look that you want, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful results. When it comes to your wedding day, sometimes you just want all the pampering available, it adds to the romance, and of course, because you deserve it.

Glamorous or natural makeup?

If you are going to go to for a professional makeup artist, you’ll want to have a solid idea of the look that you want so that you can communicate it properly and get results. It’s a good idea to make a collection of inspiration that you find to summarize the look you are going for; this could be via Instagram pics, youtube videos, or your favourite actress. Many brides are torn between natural and glamorous looks for the big day. On the one hand, it’s a big occasion to get all dressed up- so glamorous just seems the way to go? On the other hand, many women feel more comfortable and suited to natural looks (especially when the attire will likely be the main event)!

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This glamorous wedding makeup might be a bit of you? With no shortage of gorgeous red lipstick and eyelashes to make a dramatic impression, this one is about standing out and quite rightly so!

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If you’re feeling like more of a natural look is your vibe perhaps something like this will take your liking? Lighter or nude lipsticks paired with sun-kissed blush and subtle eye makeup for a really beautifully effortless finish.

If you’re not sold on full-glam or natural, there are plenty of in-between looks out there to be discovered. Whatever your style, this is your special occasion, so it’s just about fulfilling all your beauty desires and having lots of fun with it on the way!


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