Wedding Planning Step One: Three Simple Tips to Help You Decide on a Venue

When you haven’t started yet, planning your wedding can feel like a mammoth undertaking. While securing a venue is only one item on a very long list, once you’ve settled on a venue, planning the perfect reception can suddenly feel manageable. These tips will help you choose a venue for the big day. 

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Get Your Priorities Straight

Your wedding venue is a crucial piece of the wedding planning puzzle. Once you’ve decided on the venue, many other decisions will fall into place. On the flip side, if you don’t have your priorities straight when you decide on your venue, you may end up sacrificing other things you care about down the line. If your ideal venue is a garden wedding in the springtime, remember that unpredictable weather comes standard, so you might need to take this into account when planning your dress. If you don’t want to factor the weather into the design of your dress, have an indoor wedding. While it might feel natural to decide on a venue decision first and think of other questions later, it’s important to have a fairly cohesive sense of what your day is going to be like before your venue is set in stone.

Choose Somewhere That Suits Your Personalities

Your venue, and ultimately your whole wedding, should reflect your personal tastes and how you see the world. If you’re into modern design, you could hold your wedding in a space with a modern aesthetic, like a warehouse loft or a gallery space. If the countryside is your idea of romance, a country mansion like Colwick Hall will suit you a lot better than the top floor of an urban hotel. While budgetary considerations are undeniably a factor, the key to finding the perfect venue for your wedding is letting your own personal style be your primary guide. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for much in the way of frills, an inexpensive venue that basically suits your aesthetic is going to be preferable to an expensive location that doesn’t speak to you. 

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Start Working on Your Guest List

Your guest list and wedding venue can be a chicken and egg situation. You can’t feel completely confident securing one without having a strong idea of the other. Before you choose a venue, you will need a firm idea of how many people you need to accommodate in the space. If you’re leaning towards a remote location, remember to take into account that people will be travelling long distances to attend your wedding so they will need to be accommodated. It’s also crucial that you think about any disabilities your guests might have. For example, if you really want a beach wedding because you’ve always dreamt of getting married on the beach, you might feel disappointed if your friend who has limited mobility does not feel able to come. 

Whether you plan to invite ten guests or two hundred, planning a wedding can be stressful. Securing the right wedding venue is half the battle won. Once you’ve made the right choice, the rest of your planning will start to come together. These tips will help you make sure your choice of venue suits your wedding down to the ground. 


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