Should Your Wedding Be Fun?

Should Your Wedding Be Fun?

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What are the first words that come to your mind when you think about weddings?




It’s fair to say that you’re probably not thinking of it being a fun occasion. Weddings and fun often feel like two different concepts that should not be brought together. But the reality of weddings is that they’re stressful. Anybody who’s been organising a wedding reception or in the midst of the planning knows how nerve-racking the whole process can be. So, naturally, the idea of turning your reception party into something playful might feel at first counterproductive. After all, it’s your big day, and you want it to meet all your expectations in terms of romance, aesthetics and emotions.

However, don’t reject the idea of fun just now. Amusement, as it happens, is precisely the kind of things you need to put on the plan for your big day. Here are three reasons to convince you to make entertainment part of your wedding.

If there’s no show, people will forget

Planning the perfect reception is time-demanding. You want to consider the seating assignment, the music, the food, the overall decoration of the venue. But every professional wedding planner would also remind you that you need to put on a show at the party if you want to create the perfect wow factor. Indeed, if you want your guests to remember your reception fondly, you have to work hard from choosing the right wedding entertainment to selecting a venue out of the ordinary. Just as Freddie Mercury said, the show must go on. Building an unforgettable reception is all about giving your wedding the personal touch it needs.

Basically, people are making a sacrifice for you

When you’re busy preparing your wedding plan, it’s easy to forget that your guests have chosen to sacrifice their weekend to celebrate with you. While everyone loves wedding parties, most people would much prefer to spend a cosy weekend at home than having to invest in an outfit, a wedding present, transport and accommodation to be there on your big day. But if you don’t want to attract the fury of your guests you need to ensure your reception isn’t going to be boring. Ultimately, as your guests are readily giving away their spare time, it’s only fair to ensure they have a nice time of it.

You need to focus on what brings you and your partner together

Making things fun is not just an essential planning tip for your guests. It’s also crucial for your relationship altogether. Couples who laugh together are more likely to stay together. Your wedding day is bound to be the culminating point of your stress levels. It’s not uncommon for the bride and the groom to argue during the planning stage and even the reception when things go awry. Bringing in some lighthearted moments can help you to defuse all negative emotions and make the most of the day. Laughing can provide stress relief, which is, ultimately, what you need to begin your union feeling refreshed and relaxed.

In conclusion, it turns out that fun and weddings are a match made in heaven. For the sake of your reception, your guests and yourself, you need to put entertainment on the planning list.



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